TMSFMXNavBarPanel sorting issue


I'm creating TMSFMXNavBarPanels at design time and I want to give them a fixed sort order in the buttons of the NavBar. But I can't find any editor, listview or property, where I can influence the position of the panel's buttons. I get them always from the bottom to the top in order of creation. The first one created is placed at the bottom of the NavBar, the next one above, and so on.
Where/how can I give to the panel buttons my favorite order and move them up and down as desired?


PS. I can set a different PanelIndex to each of the NavBarPanels, but this does not influence the position withing the NavBar controller

Hi, the code below works as expected

  TMSFMXNavBarPanel2.PanelIndex := 0;
  TMSFMXNavBarPanel1.PanelIndex := 1;

Hi Pieter.

Thanks for bringing me to the right path.
Setting the PanelIndex property at design time doesn't change the position but setting it at runtime by updating the PanelIndex works.

Kind regards

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