TMSFMXGridExcelIO Limitations

I'm trying to export a 2 col x 100000 row grid which just hangs.  I have been working my way backwards (c x r)

1. 50 x 10 works
2. 50 x 200 doesn't work
3. Anything above 50 x 200 (obviously?) doesn't work

When it hangs, I just get the busy cursor and it stay like that (not responding).  I have to kill the application.  

Further, if I set features in the grid (not sure which ones, but generally row/col count, fixed row/col and those associated with setting focus) the TMSFMXGridExcelIO just doesn't work at all.  I have to copy the grid from the TMS demo to get it working.  Win 7, Office 2013.  It seems very flakey.

Anyone know the limitations for number of cells before TMSFMXGridExcelIO breaks, there is nothing documented?


I cannot reproduce any issue.

This was retested here with a default grid on the form with a default TTMSFMXGridExcelIO component and the code:

procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  tmsfmxgrid1.ColumnCount := 50;
  tmsfmxgrid1.RowCount := 5000;

  TMSFMXGridExcelIO1.Grid := tmsfmxgrid1;

and this creates the .XLS file as expected.


If a problem persists, please make sure you have a clean setup of the latest version of our components.