TMSFMXGrid.SaveToStream and LoadfromStream

I am seeing inconsistencies between what is being saved in savetostream and then what is being loaded from the same stream:

  1. Have a TMSFMXGrid where the first row is a regular row, but the subsequent rows are nodes that have children
  2. Save the grid to stream
  3. delete the first row (the non noded one)
  4. Loadfromstream what was save prior
  5. Note, the reloaded grid shows the first row as a node that contains the next row
If you CloseAllNodes before the delete and then do the reload - the entire grid is messed up with regard to content and nodes.

Also, when you CloseAllNodes and delete the first row, all the nodes stop working properly (this may be the same as the above problem and has nothing to do with streams) 


Saving the grid to a stream with grouped and collapsed nodes is not possible. The grid data needs to be saved without actions applied on it, such as filtering, grouping, collapsed nodes, etc... First Ungroup the grid, then save the grid to a stream. If you want to reload the grouping you can then group after loading the stream again.