TmsFmxGrid Objects and Filters

In my project I need to link some cells with external objects.
So I use Grid.Objects[Col,Row: Integer]: TObject
as described at pag.21 of the TMSFMXGridDevGuide.pdf guide.

For example I make a grid with six rows and link the cell at
column 0 with a respective object

Grid.Objects[0,1]=MyObject1, Grid.Objects[0,2]=MyObject2 etc..

So I have every row linked with its object

Row1 --> MyObject1
Row2 --> MyObject2
Row3 --> MyObject3
Row4 --> MyObject4
Row5 --> MyObject5
Row6 --> MyObject6

Everything works well until I apply a filter. If for example
I apply a filter that shows only the even rows I obtain

Row2 --> MyObject1
Row4 --> MyObject2
Row6 --> MyObject3

It seems that the list of the objects is bound to the physical
position of the grid and it doesn't follow the cells while
they are moving, and it is not really useful for me.

For now I solved using another method, but the question is:
is this the normal operation of the connected objects or
it is a bug?

Kind Regards,

Working on:
TMS Pack for FireMonkey, last version at the time of writing
Delphi XE7 Update 1
Windows 7 Service Pack 1, 64 Bit


Wandering through the source code of the grids for other reasons, I have found the two methods TTMSFMXGridData.DisplToRealRow and TTMSFMXGridData.RealToDisplRow.

Now I understand the display method used by the filters.

 With these methods it is possible to recover the original links to the objects.

I strongly suggest to quote these two methods in the manual TMS Grid for FireMonkey DEVELOPERS GUIDE in the chapter of the filters

Thank you.

Thanks for informing these methods were found and could help.
We'll try to make this more clear in a future PDF developers guide update.