FMXGrid comments with filtered grid

Good afternoon,
i have set a cell's comment like FMXGrid.Comments[12, 10]:='Comment Test Col 12 - Row 10';
Now the cell[12,10] has a red triangle.
In a phone is very difficult tap over the triangle, so i made a bottom label (just under the grid) that show a comment.
In this way when i tap over a cell with a red triangle the label show the comment (label1.text:=FMXGrid.Comments[12,10] in the FMXGrid.CellClick event).
But if apply a filter the grid reduce the rows from 10 to 5 and the cell with a comment, now, is 3.
Now i tap over the cell with a red triangle but nothing happend because the FMXGrid.Comments[12,3] ha not any comment (but if try to tap over the triangle the popup with comment appears).

So, in a filtered grid how can i get the comment into the array with the "real" row position (something like allcells[ACol,ARow] but with AllComments[ACol,ARow])?
The FMXGrid.RealToDisplRow(ARow) return always ARow

Also, there is any event that is fired up when the row or column is changed? (similar to advstringgrid onrowchanged)

Thank's for your attention



You need to use FMXGrid.DisplToRealRow to convert what you see to what you have originally entered. The event that the row is changed can be simulated with the OnSelectCell event.

Hi Pieter,
thank's for reply.
Using OnSelectCell all work as expected !!!


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Thanks for the feedback!