TMSFMXGrid Editing / OnCellEditDone

In current iOS app development stumbled about following problem

Editing a cell value and then clicking on a button (with cell still focused/selected) then there is no OnCellEditDone event executed and the cell value not processed. 

Any hint about best way of checking state of a cell (content) and how to force execution of the OnCellEditDone event if needed ?

Thanks in advance
Kind regards
Michael Jung

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When clicking a button, the grid looses focus and automatically stops editing. The grid calls OnCellEditDone event here after testing, so it's unclear exactly what is going wrong in your setup.
Alternatively you can try the following approach: Set the CanFocus property to False. Call TMSFMXGrid1.StopEditing in the button click event handler.
Just a feedback
Tested very thoroughly and had it every time: without Grid.StopEditing in a button.OnClick event the Grid stayed in edit mode. Had to add it to every button

Yes, but did you set the CanFocus propery to False on the button?

Yes, set on all buttons 

Oh sorry, understand this is the problem then, my fault

If the focus cannot be set on the buttons, then the focus never leaves the grid, and then it nevers stops editing, therefore, you need to call StopEditing inside the button click

Works now as intended.
Many thanks