Hi there.

I am chancing the color and fill of the cells using OnGetCellLayout and it is working fine

Please, I want to:

1) change the fill and font color and size of the the first row (the one with the column names)

2) change the color of the ROW selection

Thank you


Open the style editor in the IDE and from there, you can select the fixedcelllayout object and the selectedcelllayout object. With these objects, you can customize fixed cell appearance and selected cell appearance.

thanks for the answer.

I have this grid on a tframe, and I dont see any style editor option on the grid object inspector.

Do you mean editing the style book? I dont have it on my Tframe, only on the main form, where the frames are inserted. I am using Grid from package 2.0.2, however I did not see on the history changes on styles.

I know nothing about styles

You can right-click on the component at design-time and from there select to "Edit custom style" or "Edit default style". This starts the IDE style editor.
Info on this style editor can be found here: