TMSFMXGrid Checkboxes Leak

There is a memory leak when grid is connected to database and the boolean fields create checkboxes in a column.

I tried this with two different kinds of databases and when there is a column that has checkboxes there is a memory leak when program shuts down. When the database does not have a boolean field and there is no column with checkboxes there is no memory leak.

grid ver

Can you perhaps call


before loading the dataset?

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No, same thing. Tried it before connecting and after disconnecting.

An unexpected memory leak has occurred. The unexpected small block leaks are:

1 - 12 bytes: TCellDataCheckBox x 7

77 - 84 bytes: TCellProperty x 7

There are only 7 rows in the database, so this is all the checkboxes.


According to the FastMM memory leak detector, the checkboxes are created in:


I cant find anywhere they are ever supposed to be freed in the TMS units.

I'm talking about the automatically created checkboxes for boolean fields when you connect to a database through live bindings. I'm not creating anything manually.

We were able to reproduce this here without livebindings, it can be reproduced by adding a checkbox to a column

and decreasing the rowcount, we will look in to this as soon as possible.

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We have investigated this here and have applied a fix that will be available in the next release.

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