Momyy leak Grid
When running a new emptyu project with a TMSFMXGRid, there is a momory leak when closing

Place grid on form
ReportMemoryLeaksOnShutdown. := true

run in debug

thnx for the support.

Sorry for bad title, can't find the edit button !


We have investigated this here and are able to reproduce this issue, however this is a RAD Studio Berlin issue only, as we are not able to reproduce this in older RAD Studio versions. We haven't yet found the cause for this issue, but it is most likely related to styles. We are currently investigating the cause for this issue.

Yes, i have also foud out that if you have older styles, you cannot have to objects of the same type without a unique Stylename.

for example
- ColorAnimation
- ColorAnimation

is now called
- ColoranimationStyle1
- ColoranimationStyle2
or something similar.

Our project uses an old XE procedural style like your grid so had to rename alot of styleelements.

upgrading never goes smooth, hope this is of some help.

If you set fixedrows to 0 you don't have the leak


Thank you for your feedback, we will investigate this here.


I have uploaded a project that has a styled TMSFMXGRID with Fixedrows := 0;

if you set the fixedrows to 1 or set the default style, the memory leak will return.

hope you like the styled grid!


We have investigated this here and have been able to reproduce this memory leak without TMS components. It seems to occur in situations where a TLabel is added as a child of a component and the text is set. ( We will report this to Embarcadero.