TMSFMXEdit EmptyText overlap

Hi there,

I noticed that if you assign some text to the EmptyText property of a TMSFMXEdit control at design time (or in a form create method), it shows it correctly, but does not clear it if you then assign some actual text to the control, causing the two texts to overlap. It only clears the empty text once you click into the control.

TMSFMXEdit1.EmptyText := 'I am empty';

TMSFMXEdit1.Text := 'My Text';

==> Both show overlapped.

I have tried to call repaint etc after the assignment, but it does not help.


Hi there,

First off, I wanted to say thanks and good work on the fast updates and new releases. They're very helpful!

I just thought I'd give this topic a nudge as I haven't had a response and it would be great to get a resolution. Perhaps it has been overlooked?

Kind regards,

Problem has been traced & solved. The next update will address this.