tmsfmxcloudboxnetdrive login form

Hi guys, I am using delphi 10.3.3 and TMS FMX Cloud Pack v3.6.0.2 (July 14, 2020), when I call Stotage.connect with tmsfmxcloudboxnetdrive component in IOS 13.5, the login page appears correctly see image , when the field receives the focus, the page zooms and it is impossible to login see image , can you help me with this problem

Thank you

Hi guys, something new about it ?


Unfortunately this seems to be an issue with the login provided by Box.Net which we have no control over.
Have you tried using the "go" button on the keyboard to submit the credentials?

I really do not think this is a box login error, when I open the application in IOS 12 the problem does not appear, could you explain to me why in IOS 12 it does not happen?

the problem is not sending the login, the problem is that when zooming I can't even write the credentials

If the login does work on iOS 12 this would indicate there is an issue with using an internal browser in iOS 13.
We'll investigate if ExternalBrowser support can be added (similar to Google Drive) for TTMSFMXCloudBoxNetDrive as soon as we have been able to allocate sufficient development time.

Please note that TMS FMX Cloud Pack v3.6.1.0 released earlier today now includes ExternalBrowser support for TTMSFMXCloudBoxNetDrive. This should fix the login issue on iOS 13. (Make sure ExternalBrowser is set to True before starting the authentication process)

Thanks Bart, the login looks great with this change, now the problem is that it does not log into the account

We are not aware of any issues using the login with ExternalBrowser set to True.
Can you please describe exactly what happens?
Does the login work on Windows?

Hi Bart, if it works in windows, please see the videos of the error in IOS 13.5


We are currently investigating this issue and will report back as soon as possible.

Hi Bart, some new about it

Due to the current high workload we have not yet been able to address this issue.
We plan to allocate development time early next week and will report back here as soon as possible.

Hi Bart, something new about this problem, I am quite worried, it has been two months that with this error my application was completely frozen and I do not see a clear solution

Thank you

After further investigation we haven't been able to reproduce an issue on iOS 13.

Can please you try using a different device or a different internet connection to find out if this issue could be related to a specific device and/or internet connection?

Hi Bart, I tested these two devices on the iPhone 6s IOS 13.7, linked to the company network, here you can see the test result , iPhone 7 plus ios 13.7 connected to the telcel mobile network, here you can see the test result , you will notice that the result is the same as the first test reported

Thank you

We still haven't been able to reproduce this issue when tested here.

There might be an issue with the callback url.
Can you please try using different callback urls?
For example:

Hello Bart, do you need me to change the call back in the component? Where can I change it? Or do you need me to do it in the configuration page of my box application? If it is on the configuration page of my box application, you I comment that this localhost configuration is only valid for development environments

Thank you

The url value should be identical for both the component and the Box app configuration.
I've tested with changing to localhost and didn't see any issue in the Box app. If there is an issue on your side can you try changing the port number only?


  TMSFMXCloudBoxNetDrive1.App.CallBackURL := '';
  TMSFMXCloudBoxNetDrive1.App.CallBackPort := 8889;

Thanks Bart, it fixed the login problem, now I see that the loading method has an error, I get 'Abstract Error', the same code was functionally with the previous version of the component


Good to hear the login is working now.

The Abstract Error when using the Upload method has been fixed.
The update will be available with the next release of TMS FMX Cloud Pack.
You can request an incremental source update by sending an email to requesting the update.