TMSFMXCalendarPicker dateeditstyle

Setting Stylelookup := 'dateeditstyle' on a TMSFMXCalendarPicker object results in a Segmentation fault.

Setting StyleLookup in the designer gives Acess violation in module TMSFMXPackPkgDXE14.bpl.

The error occurs in TTMSFMXEditBtn.GetStyleObject which looks for the styles 'button' and 'content', which doesn't exist in the dateeditstyle.
The missing 'button' style is handled in the source by creating a TButton, but it's assumed that the 'content' style exists, and the cast from not existing TFmxObject to TLayout gives the segmentation fault.

We will fix the access violation, but assigning a custom style from another component to the TTMSFMXCalendarPicker will completely change the behavior, and the calendar will not be shown.