TMSDXE4.BPI' contains invalid OMF record

I am using C++Builder XE4 with no Delphi. I have the newest TMS Component Pack

I have been working to install the TMS Components on the 64 bit platform and believe I got that working. Now when I use the 32 bit VCL Forms Application I get the linker error below. I have never seen an error like that. Can you recommend a fix.

[ilink32 Error] Error: 'C:....\TMSSOFTWARE\TMS_XE4\TMSDXE4.BPI' contains invalid OMF record, type 0x21 (possibly COFF)

Thank You


I would guess it is a 64bit .BPI you're trying to link with a 32bit app. Please make sure 32bit & 64bit files are in separate folders and proper library & include paths are set.