TMS WorkFlow: Change database Integer Key Type to Int64 or Float Type for bigger UniqueIDs

Hi Could change the data field to store Unique Key ID of workflows, tasks, etc, so it can store bigger unique key ids in the database.

Another option is to convert the KeyID fields to string and add a property to the bindary classes to define the Datatype of the Key field of the database, this is only needed when preparing the parameter to be sent to the server. IE:
FParams.CreateParam(ftInteger, 'id', ptInput).AsInteger := StrToInt(TaskIns.Key);

So if a property KeyFieldDataType(ftInteger, ftLargeInt, ftString)t is added, the sentence could be:

CreateAndSetParamValue(FParams, 'id', ptInput,
KeyFieldDataType, TaskIns.Key);

function CreateAndSetParamValue(aparams: TParams; ParamName: string; ParamType: TParamType; ParamDataType: TFieldType, KeyID: String): Tparam;
result := AFParams.CreateParam(ParamDataType, ParamName, Paramtype);

case ParamaDtatType of
result.AsInteger := StrToInt(TaskIns.Key);
ftLargeInt :
result.asLargeInt :=
StrToInt64(TaskIns.Key) ;
ftString :
result.AsString :=
TaskIns.Key ;

end case;