TMS TableView slow on iOS device

Good morning,
we bought your product:  TMS TableView for FireMonkey , and we develop a project for  an ipod touch 4g iOS 6.0. The project connect the device with a mysql database located on a local machine. The situation is: we have 3 item in the tms tableview , on item click we submit a sql request to the server that provide the data, the data return very fast and the creation of the item is fast but the data display in the table view is too slow  for 20  element (almost 5 second and we use begin & end update) .

So we try to put this data in a simple Tlistbox and the data display is immediate.

We don’t know if there are some property to set but we need that the data display is faster as the tlist box.

We awaiting for your reply

We have received your email and project and we are still investigating this. If we have found a solution or answer, the answer will be sent through direct email.

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waiting for your respons.

Thanks for the response , we have set the buffer size  to 20. but we notice that the slow speed was caudated by the tablview.items.clear without the begin/end update. 

Now our project setting are right,  begin and end update  are before and after the items.clear and the while for the loading.
The speed improved but is still slow.  
Now our question is : there' another tips or some setting to improve the speed?
And can you send us a sample to test on a real iOS device, just to compere our method and our  project speed with yours?
If you want reply boy mail       giancarlo

I think it would be better to send us your sample so we can investigate here what can be improved, 

unfortunately the FireMonkey implementation for iOS is generally slow especially when using effects / animations / shadows etc... You can also exclude elements that you do not need in your application in the TMSFMXTableView1.ItemsOptions property. 

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Scheldeman Pieter