TMS Security System


I am using the TMS Security System in my application. I have noticed that when I call the ADD USER dialog or when I call the EDIT USER dialog the label header is and stay there as EDIT USER. It is not really a big thing, but for the final user could be irritating, because he/she does not know anymore where he/she is. 
The same problem is with the dialogs  ADD / EDIT GROUP.
In my application I put a TUilSecurityDLG and a TuilSecurityManager.
Everything works fine, I only had expected to see the Captions defined in TUilSecurityDLG to appear on the screen. So when I press ADD USER I should seed a label called ADD USER not not EDIT USER.
But maybe I forgot something to set... I do not know.
All the components are linked to the TuilSecurityManager.

Can you help?
Many thanks in advance
Francesco Todini

Hello Francesco

This was indeed not implemented.
Changes were made and the 'Add User' and 'Add Group' title caption will be available in the next update.
Thanks a lot.
I also didn't noticed it. But now I am writing an help file for my app and I noticed the same Windows title from the screenshots.

Best regards,