SSImport for XE7


I test TMS Scripter for Delphi XE7 - trial version. The available Importer does not support Delphi XE7. I would like test Scripter with FireDAC, so I need SSImport for XE7. Is it possible to get it?

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Yes, but also not released yet. Note that since you use XE7, it's much more recommended to use DefineClassByRTTI which automatically adds public properties, methods, etc. instead of using the import tool. Have you tried that?

Also note that the import tool is just a helper tool, the more complex the code is, the lower the chance it will import everything correctly, or even parse the file. So I recommend you test with the new RTTI approach first.

> Have you tried that?

Yes, successfully!

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Any news about SSImport for XE7 ?

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Hi Fabrice, we have sent it to your private e-mail.

Hi Wagner,

It's work fine, thank you !

Is there any update as to when the XE7 version of teimport ill be available. We recently upgraded to the latest version of Scripter and now cannot re-create our import units.


can you please provide Importer tool update with XE8 support with generated VCL files, like you had it in old versions.

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