Tms mqtt Tokyo install


Is it possible to install the latest version of mqtt component on Embarcadero studio Tokyo?


I was able to just today, no problem with Tokyo

It install in Tokyo (10.2 Update 2), but it does not work.

Fatal Error] TestTMS.pas(8): F2051 Unit TMS.MQTT.Internal.Collections
was compiled with a different version of

Just a thought did you get the 10.2 update to the update (Embarcadero? Delphi 10.2 Version 25.0.29039.2004) there were problems with dcu compatibility in the first attempted release

Apparently not.  I thought I did, but my version is different.
I will try it now.

Good Morning,

I bought the TQ MQTT component the trial version works perfectly, however when I made the purchase and tried to install in delphi tokio 10.2 a problem in line 251 including the installation I can not do it automatically.

I formatted the computer and installed Delphi tokio again and still could not.