TMS FNC Core for VSC v3.1.3.3 zip missing files?


I've tried today to update installation of FNC packages into Visual Studio Code, downloading last updates of 18.Dec.23 (WebCore VSC auto updated to 2.3.7064 few days ago).

I received install errors (missing units) when using v3.1.3.3 (zip file size is 1.1MB - DEC.23).

Everything is fine using v3.1.3.2 (zip file size is 2.8MB - NOV.23).

Please check - happy NYE by the way!

Can you please mention which missing units / files ?

I have not tracked which .pas files were missing... but just switched back to the previous version of the FNCCoreVSC and did again the installations of additional packages (like cloudpack and websocket).
I've seen right now that there is a new VSC TMS WebCore release v2.3.7106 available... I will retry installation in the afternoon with the latest packages and keep you updated.

Re-installing from scratch

  • tmswebcore-2.3.7106 (auto-updated by VSC)
  • TMSFNCCoreVSCReg (231218 1.01MB)
  • tmsfncuipackVSCReg (231218 5.51MB)
  • tmsfnccloudpackVSCReg (231218 5.86MB)
  • tmsfncwebsocketVSCReg (231218 373.39KB)

Everything was OK.
Maybe the update in VSC WebCore from 7064 to 7106 made the difference.

Thanks for notifying!

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