TMS FNC Chart "identifier not found "Crosshair"

Is this a bug when using the TMS Fnc Chart component in Web Core?

I can't reproduce this here, are you compiling against older code?

No, actually I use Tms Fnc Chart version (latest version), Tms Web Core (latest version), and Delphi Athens 12 (latest version), I installed everything new, but why when I try to use Chart component from TMS Fnc Chart and just build it then the error appears

Can you send us a sample?

ok, here is the sample project (10.0 KB)

Can you please check the TMS WEB Core library path (Tools, Options, TMS WEB, Library Path) that it includes the folder that points to the latest TMS FNC Chart source code folder?

Yes, you are right, now it can run, Tms Web Core in the library path option still goes to the old source, Thank you

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