TMS FMX UI Pack v3.6.7.9 problem

I can't compile the FMX.TMSUtils.pas for the Linux platform:

[DCC Error] FMX.TMSUtils.pas(991): E2003 Undeclared identifier: 'DoProgress'

I must comment out the DoProgress line to fix it.

Dear Mr. Karpati, 

Are you referring to the build in support for Linux or are you targetting FMX Linux?

I did try the new TMS FMX UI Pack v3.6.7.9 on my multiplatform FMX project (Windows, macOS, Linux64).

When I try the Linux platform, I got the error message. After it I modified the FMX.TMSUtils.pas temporarily


Unfortunately the Linux target built into RAD Studio is not supported. 

I know it that is why I am using the FMXLinux system.

The newer FMX.TMSUtils.pas has a new function:
class function TTMSFMXUtils.DownloadImage(AURL: string): TMemoryStream;


I commented out the DoProgress; line to fix the compile problem.

We are currently busy working on TMS WEB Core release, as soon as this has been released we'll take a look at the remaining issues in combination with FMXLinux.

It has been fixed in the TMS FMX UI Pack v3.6.8.0 version.

Thank you in the name of the other users.