TMS Flexcel for D12 Athenas

Hello, we have the same problem as MUÑOZ CARBAJO DIEGO JOSE in this thread TMS Flexcel for D12 Athenas
For download in "My Products" is available only version | Thursday, September 21, 2023 (no support of D12 in this version).
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Same as commented to Diego, 7.19 supports delphi 12, and even 7.18 supports it. They don't show if you don't have Delphi 12 installed (because we can't show that support before the official release), but they work just fine. Just install it in a machine where you have Delphi 12, and it will offer and install Delphi 12 support.

Great, thank you for the clarification. All looks good. I was just confused because the installer guide didn't mention D12 so I didn't continue.