TMS Flexcel for D12 Athenas

In 'my products', TMS Flexcel is [v7.19.1.0 | Thursday, September 21, 2023.
This release support D12 Athenas?? (I understand that not, because was released on september).

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The latest version of TMS Flexcel supports Delphi 12.
You can see the list of products supporting Delphi 12 here

but in my downloads I have an older version (license is ok)


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7.19.1 supports Delphi 12, in fact 7.18 already supported it. While they were released before the RTM for Delphi 12, we have to add support earlier in the dev cycle so Delphi 12 beta testers can test it.

We will anyway releasing a 7.20 version later this week which will remove the "beta" label from D12 support, but without any changes in D12 support since it was already fine,