TMS BIZ: Behind the scenes with Wagner Landgraf

We're glad to announce the "TMS BIZ: Behind the scenes with Wagner Landgraf" series.
It is yet another perk for TMS Business users. It's a periodic (hopefully at least bi-monthly) live webinar at TMS Web Academy with Wagner Landgraf, TMS Business product manager. Here is the list of past sessions and the next one scheduled:

Previous webinars and replays:

The idea is to have a casual, spontaneous conversation talking about current TMS Business development state, upcoming features, or even any other technical subject that might be of the interest of TMS Business users - be it directly related to the products or not.

The webinars usually will have no prior preparation, and the topics of each session are open. This is the place for you to suggest topics, ask questions, talk about previous sessions, in summary, for you to participate not only in the webinar itself, but 24/7 through this topic, and make this really valuable for all of you.

Even though we see it as an additional value for TMS Business users, this is a free webinar and everyone is welcome. If you use TMS Business, this might help you to get the most of it and also know about what's going on in the enterprise software development world. If you not a TMS Business user, you are also welcome to attend. Maybe you will join the family eventually! :wink:

This is the place for discussing previous sessions and planning next ones together. Let us know below what do(did) you think of the sessions and provide feedback/ideas for the next ones!


I was going to suggest topic of how to connect for example your mobile webcore application to xdata server running in customer machine which is behind mobile network, nat/wirewall etc
But Wagner already provided answer, cloudflare tunnel. Which seems to work quite well.
We have been using previously ngrok but that's wasn't working always well.
For us reliable tunneling to customer site is a must, if we wan't to offer mobile solutions. For small company which require machines on site (llike point of sale machines) adding virtual server is too expensive.

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What is your preferred topic for next Behind the Scenes?
  • Testing (How TMS BIZ tests are built)
  • Performance profiling
  • Installers/Deployment (How TMS BIZ installers are built)
  • Documentation (How TMS BIZ documentation is built)
  • Other (please comment)

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The architecture of TMS WEB Core

  • It would be great to get some insight on how it is designed, meant to be used. The role of Pas2JS compiler team in TMS? How are TMS Web Core controls made (are they auto-translated from other source code or written by hand)?

Bootstrap and TMS WEB Core controls

  • It would be great to get some insight on how it is designed, meant to be used. How to connect TMS WEB Core controls to Bootstrap framework in non-destructive way? Using non-destructive css styles (visual skins) for WEB Core controls - any features going this way.

Writing custom TMS WEB Core components and controls

  • Simple concept from runtime to design-time package. How to debug controls in/for vcl environment?


  • Better DOM, JS garbage collection in TMS WEB Core overall. How to fix event, memory leaking in browser caused by TMS WEB Core Application.
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Good suggestions, @Podboj_Igor. Although strictly speaking, TMS Web Core is not part of TMS Business suite. But nothing prevents us to discuss about it, if that's what you guys would like to.

Don't forget to registered for our next session: Thursday, September 23th, 2021, 4:00PM UTC: Deployment and Installers. Register for FREE!

Registrations are open for the next Behind the Scenes webinar. We will talk about the upcoming TMS Aurelius Dictionary feature:

Next Thursday, October 7th, 2021, 4:00PM UTC: TMS Aurelius Dictionary. Register now for free!

The series continues. We are delayed for our next webinar because we are preparing something really exciting for the next one. Save the date, Thursday, November 4th. Stay tuned!



Free registration for the next Behind the Scenes session is started! Let's talk about database performance next Thursday, November 18th, at 4 PM UTC.

Register free: Database Performance. Register Now.

In the session I will discuss about database performance in the context of API servers. How connection pool should be designed and used for best performance. Upcoming improvements in XData database pool management. And performance tuning hint and tricks to use PostgreSQL databases and AWS RDS services.