Is there any way to get a greater selection of colors from the ColorPicker. Idealy similar functionality to the standard Delphi ColorDialog would be ideal.

Thanks in anticipation

I'd suggest to try TIWAdvSelector. You can add a configurable nr. of colors in this selector control.

Sorry I can't see how. Can you please tell me which properties to set.

  • Put an IWAdvSelector control on the form.
    - Right click on the IWAdvSelector and select "Color Selector".
    This will automatically preset the color values.

When I right click the items I get are

IntraWeb (VCL for the Web) XI
Flip Children
Tab Order
Creation Order
Revert to Inherited (This item is disabled)
Add to Repository
View as Text
Text DFM
This is using Delphi 7

Can you please make sure the design time package (iw11tmsded7.dpk) has been correctly installed?

If somehow the problem persists, you can try to copy the IWAdvSelector control with color presets from the AdvSelector page in TMS IW FeaturesDemo and paste it in your application.

The Features demo gives an exception class EReadError with message 'Error reading IWRegion1.explicitHeight: Property ExplicitHeight does not exist'...

If you are getting "property xyz does not exist" errors this means you are opening a project that was created with a different Delphi and/or IntraWeb version than the one you are using.
You can safely ignore these errors and continue.

It won't let me ignore it. I get an unhandled application error if I try to run it. If I restart the app I get an Access Violation.

Please try the following:

- Open the FeaturesDemo project
- Open the AdvSelector.pas form. If you get a "property doesn't exist" error. Ignore it and the form file should be displayed.
- Copy the control called TIWAdvSelector5.
- Paste the control in another project.

Thanks for the help so far, we have managfed to copy/paste the component and investigate the functionality, and while it is not the dyanmic selector I had hoped for it is certainly much better than the color picker.

I am receiving an error on the OnClick event of the TIWBuittonColourSelector, giving me a "Dataset not in edit or insert mode" in Delphi, even without any code in the procedure, followed by "The following exception occured: IWDBMemo1: Dataset not in edit or insert mode." on the web form. Do you know what would be causing this?

This component has no built-in databinding, so it is unclear why it would give an error about a dataset. The reason for this can't be in the color picker component. Please check the databound components on this form.