THTMLTreeView selection colors and themes

It appears that the THTMLTreeView is not honoring the node selection color of the current VCL Theme so I find I have to do this:

tv.SelectionColors.BorderColor := TStyleManager.ActiveStyle.GetSystemColor(clHighlight);
tv.SelectionColors.ColorFrom := TStyleManager.ActiveStyle.GetSystemColor(clHighlight);
tv.SelectionNFColor := TStyleManager.ActiveStyle.GetSystemColor(clHighlight);
tv.SelectionFontColor := TStyleManager.ActiveStyle.GetSystemColor(clHighlightText);
tv.SelectionNFFontColor := TStyleManager.ActiveStyle.GetSystemColor(clHighlightText);

These are the colors as set in the IDE, but they are not translating to the respective theme colors unless I set them manually in code to the same ones as above.

THTMLTreeView version
Delphi RIO 10.3

You're correct about this. We have applied this improvement.