THtmlTreeView - dragover highlight

In D2007, dragging a TTreeNode highlights the dragover node as you drag around.

As I port and enhance my old app, I've not tried TTreeView in Delphi 10.2, but I'm using THTMLTreeView instead, and when I drag a node, it does not highlight the dragover node, making it hard to know where you are.

I do not use HotTrack since that is not an acceptable solution.

Is there a setting I'm missing?  The settings look the same as my settings from my D2007 app.


Sorry, there is currently not a built-in setting for showing nodes in hover state when there is a drag & drop operation happening over the THTMLTreeView. This is an interesting suggestion and we've added it on the feature request list for consideration to add this.

Any chance something has been done about this since the last post in Nov 2018 or am I missing a new setting? Getting more and more complaints that when dragging a node to move it to a new location they don't get any feedback as to where it is actually going to end up being dropped onto like the standard TTreeView does.

Is this for dragging nodes internally in the treeview or between treeview controls?
If this is for dragging nodes internally in the treeview, TAdvTreeView can do this.

I did not know TAdvTreeView supported HTML. I will take a look at it. Why do you even have the THtmlTreeView if TAdvTreeView supports HTML? Legacy apps? Not the first time I've seen two TMS controls that do the same thing only to have chosen the wrong one initially, lol.

THTMLTreeView was created years before TAdvTreeView. TAdvTreeView does not depend on the VCL TTreeView and THTMLTreeView does. Not depending on the VCL TTreeView opened up possibilities for a lot more extra features.

I took a quick look at TAdvTreeView. Is there any way to make it look like a normal treeview without a column heading (wasted real estate for a one column treeview)?