TAdvTreeView hint


i using a AdvTreeView with many nodes and childs.
Sometimes the itemtext is cut off because the column width.
In this case i want to display a hint with the full text.

But there is no "OnHint" or similar event.
Only "CustomHint" but it seems to be without function.
I can't double click on it.

Is there a possibility to display a custom hint for every node?
I found this topic

but i'm not sure if this is what i want. The hint text should be setted dynamically.


For now there is no hint support for each node. However this post specifically implements hint support in a descendant class and dynamically retrieves it. The code shows how to set properties, but the code could be adapted to handle hints dynamically

Specifically this code snippet is called dynamically when hovering a node, so you could write code that retrieves the hint dynamically instead of via property.

function TAdvTreeViewHint.GetHintString: string;
  if Assigned(FHintNode) and Assigned(FHintNode.Node) then
    Result := FHintNode.Node.DataString
    Result := inherited GetHintString;