TFormControlInspectorEditLink -force event

I am using the InspectorEditLink with the ImagePickerDropDown and ColorPickerDropDown components. The only problem I have is that the EditLink GetEditorValue event is only triggered when the user leaves the control or presses another key such as Return or Tab. This means that - unlike all other Inplace editors on the InspectorBar - the user has to do two things to get there selection to do something: select the Color or Image from the dropdown (which changes the dropdown but nothing else) and then exit the control. 

Is there any way to get the DropDown OnChange event to trigger the EditLink OnGetEditorValue event?

I found a way, I use the OnDropUp event to set the focus to a different component. I had tried this before but I was setting it to the parent InspectorBar, which did not work. Setting it to a non-parent component does work.