TFormControlInspectorEditLink - return Color

I would like to use the FormControlInspectorEditLink to use a TAdvColorPickerDropDown as an inplace editor. I have the EditLink and ColorPicker working and displaying correctly, I just can't work out how to set/get the selectedcolor property of the ColorPicker via the EditLink events. The example FAQ uses TSearchEdit which sets/gets text in the AValue property but this property is empty when used with the ColorPicker. 

I'm sure it's something very simple and straightforward - but I can't see it! 

Did you try something like:

procedure TForm3.FormControlInspectorEditLink1SetEditorProperties(
  Sender: TObject; Item: TInspectorItem; AControl: TWinControl);
  (AControl as TAdvColorPickerDropDown).SelectedColor := InspectorBar1.Panels[0].Items[0].ColorValue;

Too simple! I was expecting to have to set/get the color through the EditLink, as the FAQ example does for the SeachText. I had not thought of going straight to the ColorPicker.