TFlexCelPdfExport page order if columns don't fit to one page

If my excel is too wide to fit to one page would it be possible to export oages from left-right, top to bottom
instead of current top to bottom - left to right.
with that i could use TPageLayoutDisplay.TwoColumnContinuousLeft and
see my practilly readable in viewer.

Yes, you should be able to change that. If using Reports, just change the "Page Order" (in the "Page Layout" tab of the ribbon, Page setup) in the template to be "Over, then down":

If you are using the API, you can use:
xls.PrintOptions = TPrintOptions.LeftToRight | xls.PrintOptions;

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I was looking that from pdfside, but oc, it's in tXlsFile.
But now I got this.

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