Textually identifying a Polylement

I have poly elements on a map and wish to identify them in a TLabel. (The Caption property would be set in a OnPolyElementMouseEnter event, and cleared in a OnPolyElementMouseLeave event.)

I need to know whether I can safely store the name of the PolyElement in one of its property strings (as opposed to creating some sort of parallel/linked TStringList.)

I can identify .ID, .DataString and .DisplayName. None of these appear in the documentation or in the demos, so I am lost as to their function. (I often find that the FNC maps documentation is a bit short in explanations!)

Please advise - Thanks!


The Data* properties are standard properties in the FNC framework used for collection items to store extra information. So you should be able to use the DataString property in this scenario.

The ID property is a read-only property used to identify Markers/PolyElements and contains an automatically generated unique value.

The DisplayName property is a default Delphi property for collection items.

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