TDBPlannerMonthView loses Time part of DateTimes


I add an appointment to TDBPlanner and can drag it to a new date in plDay or plMonth mode and it retains the time of the appointment. However, if I switch to TDBPlannerMonthView and drag it to a new date I lose the Time portion of the dates?
Is there something which I can not find that I need to set to retain the time of the appointment?

Please set PlannerItem.RealTime = true

and get start & end time with properties: ItemRealStartTime, ItemRealEndTime

Thank you for the reply Bruno, I think we may be at cross purposes. I meant if I drag an item on the TDBPlannerMonthView, in the demo it keeps the date and time (without additional coding) and on my test app it lost the time part of the date.

I think I have solved it now, I noticed that mine was v2.5.8 and the demo 2.5.11. When I deleted my component 2.5.8 and readded it as 2.5.11 it now retains the time.