TDBPlanner with different cellBackground?


I've a TDBPlanner in DayPeriod-mode which represents a project period.
That works fine. Now want to display some days before and some day after the project period.
That's easy, I know. But these days should displayed with gray backround.

Is there a build in function just like Display.activeStar/Display.activeEnd in Day-Mode?
Or do I have to handle this in planner.onPlannerBackgroundDraw (it seems to work)?

Thank you.

There are various ways:

1) You can indeed use the event OnPlannerBackgroundDraw()
2) You can use the property Planner.BackgroundColor[col,row]: TColor to set specific timeslot colors
3) You can use the Planner.PositionProps to set values for activestart/activeend per resource (via each positionprop you add per resource)

Hello Bruno,

thank you very much!
I think methode 2) is the best way for me.

Cheers, Frank