TDBHTMLabel font color problem

In our application we use a TDBHTMLabel. Dynamically we change the background and font color in the OnTransformData event. This worked like a charme but since v1.4.0.0 the font color stays always black. Why ? The background color does change.

Do you have more details?
What is the HTML produced that isn't rendering as expected?

HTMLText: <P align="center"><#Locatie></P>

In OnTransformData we change the Color and Font.Color property. The Color property changes accordingly, Font.Color stays black.

I don't see what exactly you do in code.
I have retested this here with the DBHTMLabel demo app where I added the event handler for OnTransformData:

procedure TForm3.DBHTMLabel1TransformData(Sender: TObject; Tag: string;
  var Data: string);
  if Tag = 'NAME' then
    Data := '<FONT color="#ff0000">'+Data+'</font>';

and with this event handler, the name of the actor/actress changes to red.
Please use a similar technique for dynamically changing the text color.

OK, just changing the font color of the object did the trick before version Now changed to your suggestion. Still strange that it changed between versions without notice.

I think that it previously worked by accident but wasn't supposed to work. The correct way to control font color is by using the HTML font color attribute.