TDBAdvRichEditor extern export to HTML

Hello dear support team!

I consider to use your very comfortable TDBAdvRichEditor for my application.
The data should be stored in a mysql database (COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci).
Do I have to use a field of "blob" in combination whith TDBAdvRichEditor?
Type "Text" results in a "stream error" exception...

Second question:
I have to export the text in background as HTML on the db server side via a PERL script.
(Only "bold", "italic" and "underline" are used.)
Do you think this task solvable?

What is your opinion?

Regards, Frank

TDBAdvRichEditor is designed to connect to a DB blob field. It access the DB field as a stream.

The text background color is normally exported in HTML. Not sure why you do not see this in HTML. Are you using the latest version?

Hello Bruno,

thank you for your quick reply!

Yes a blob field works fine.

But my second question has an other target.
I have to export the db field serversided by a PERL script.
The exported file should by HTML-formated...

The only way that currently exists to convert this stream in the blob field to HTML is by loading it in TAdvRichEditor and exporting from there to HTML.