(DB)AdvRichEditor. RTF - BLOB

FireBird Database. BLOB field. RTF content. FastReport professional report generator.
Standard RichEditer component. Save and load text OK. FR is OK.
TMS component (DB)AdvRichEditor.
   1) Text read - invalid stream format. Why?
   2) Create new content using (DB)AdvRichEdit. Save or Load OK. FR report result is wrong
   3) RichEdit standard component. Invalid stream format by load BLOB

I've already dealt with you in the past. You rolled it on the code page. This is nonsense!
I am unhappy about this and I cannot continue the project. I would not like to use standard components. Mainly, I would break the unified look of the app and the themes.
I am very satisfied with TMS itself and support. But what about it?
I'm alone in the world with this problem?

I read the discussions and there I came across an answer to use TAdvRichEditor along with TDBAdvRichEditorRTFIO. In this combination, it's all right. Hooray.

TDBAdvRichEditor persists the data in binary format (RTE format) in a blob field, so a binary blob field is needed. This is by design.
If you do not wish to use a binary blob, you can use TAdvRichEditor and use TDBAdvbRichEditorRTFIO to persist to a text blob in RTF format.