TDBAdbGrid features


I constantly need filtering options in your dbgrid. Is it possible to (automatically) add a filter combobox above each column when PageMode = false? Or at least to have a property that would enable this? Also, it would be nice when filters above columns would combine each other.

I've seen vcl grids with automatic features like this to have filtering, search and grouping. It would save a lot of time.

Thank you,

You could add a filter dropdown to the column header and handle the selection of a filter item to programmatically change query for the dataset attached to the TDBAdvGrid this way. This requires writing a little bit additional code but allow you to achieve this. We've added this on the feature request list for consideration to make this a built-in capability in a future update.

Thank you for consideration. I know the filtering implemented in these versions of AdvGrid, but in 80% cases I need incremental filtering which is much harder for me to implement, and usually do it at dataset level.

Anyway, my subscription is ending this version and if you would implement this feature I'm sure I would prolong my subscription for another version of TMS Pack :)