TDatasetfield persistant clarification


according to manual when we set detail dataset manager nil, changes are saved to db when master dataset saved.

At my situation records persisted when manager is destroyed, and not when master dataset persisted at db.

Is something that I misunderstood?


Hi Nikos,

There is no code to persist data when manager is destroyed. Maybe you have a transaction open that is automatically committed when the connection is destroyed (which can happen when manager is destroyed as the connection interface might get out of scope)?

Also don't forget that you need to set the manager in master dataset.
Hi Wagner,

only Flush command on destroy of the unit.

I don't use a Manager per form but per session. If I comment out flush command no changes persisted.

Strange is that master dataset persisted directly to the database by posting changes. Master dataset is ok.

Hi again,

a kind of a solution, I flush Manager at post of master dataset.