Cached Updates

I am unsure how to deal with this. I am used to work with ClientDataSets and calling ApplyUpdates. So I can allow the user to modify more than one record (eg master-detail) and if the user wants to persist the data, he clicks on save and I call ApplyUpdates.

With Aurelius DataSet this approach is not possible by default, AFAIK. I have to take care by using the Events and using my own lists. While this is doable, I would like to know, if there is kind of best practice how to deal with this using Aurelius.

Given a form with several related rows, how do you amange the save/cancel/reload/delete?

Thanks for every comment.


It's a different approach. Aurelius Dataset updates objects - so, at a basic level, it's everything in memory, only. Also note that the concept of persisting a whole object tree belong to Aurelius itself: you can create and add items to a list (master-detail), and only when you save the parent, the whole structure is persisted. So you can use the same concept with master-detail. 

Also there is the concept of Flush - objects are modified in the manager, and only when you call Flush those changes are persisted in database. So in a sense (modification) Aurelius TObjectManager also "cache" updates.