TCloudDataSet not create in cloud

I have the following problem.
I opened the DEMO "CloudDataSetDemo", I made all the access settings, everything works perfectly, however there is a question:

When I create the entity in the Google Console with their respective properties, in DEMO the fields are automatically loaded into the DATASET, however, you need to create the fields in DEMO DATASET at run time and these fields need to be automatically replicated in CLOUD. I've tried in many ways to create the FIELDs in DATASER and I can not.

Could you show me how I can do this?


Please note that the TCloudDataSet expects fields to be present in the table. Fields can't be created by the TCloudDatSet.
Sorry but I think this is totally incoherent with NOSQL.
If I am writing a document in the NOSQL concept why can not I create the fields?
Is it a LIMITATION of the component?

Please note that this is a limitation of the Google FireBase API which we have no control over.

The service I'm using from google is DATASTORAGE and not FIREBASE.

The service I'm using from google is DATASTORE and not FIREBASE.

Sorry for the confustion.

I meant to say Google DataStore instead of Google FireBase API.