TAdvTreeView highlight node without click event

I have a problem with my TAdvTreeView. I would like to highlight a node (child node) without click-event. So I am already able to first collapse all nodes and afterwards open only the relevant root node. Then the child nodes are shown and I would like to highlight one of them without any click event. I have one column with 10 root nodes and each root node has 1 to 7 subnodes. For example:
A (with subnodes A1, A2)

  • B1
  • B2
  • B3

I open the form with the name "B3" and therefore I would like to highlight the "B3" subnode too. I have already tried a few options just as FocusedNode and SelectedNode. The root node (B) of the subnode "B3" should also be highlighted. I hope my point is clear. These are my node settings:

NodesAppearance.Font.Size:= 11;
NodesAppearance.SelectedFill.Color:= clWhite;
NodesAppearance.SelectedFontColor:= clGreen;
NodesAppearance.SelectedStroke.Color:= clWhite;
NodesAppearance.ShowFocus:= true;

vstMenu.Interaction.ExtendedSelectable:= true;



Do you mean you want to highlight the node you selected and then also the children? Selecting multiple nodes? If you want to select multiple nodes, please enable AdvTreeView1.Interaction.MultiSelect := true; then you can select multiple nodes with the AdvTreeView1.SelectNodes method.

Hi Pieter,

great now it works.

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Thanks for the confirmation!

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