TAdvTreeView - Single Node Color customization

i'm trying to customize my TAdvTreeView.
Is there a way to change the color of a specific single node in the tree (for example the font color, or the background color of that node), using events? I tried BeforeDraw and AfterDraw events but i couldn't change anything. I'm using a Collection-based tree. If you could post some C++ code it would be great! Thanks

You can do this with the following code.

void __fastcall TForm1::AdvTreeView1BeforeDrawNodeText(TObject *Sender, TAdvGraphics *AGraphics,
		  TRectF &ARect, int AColumn, TAdvTreeViewVirtualNode *ANode,
		  UnicodeString AText, bool &AAllow)
  AGraphics->Font->Color = clRed;
void __fastcall TForm1::AdvTreeView1BeforeDrawNode(TObject *Sender, TAdvGraphics *AGraphics,
          TRectF &ARect, TAdvTreeViewVirtualNode *ANode, bool &AAllow,
          bool &ADefaultDraw)
  AGraphics->Fill->Kind = gfkSolid;
  AGraphics->Fill->Color = clYellow;

Remember to add the unit AdvGraphicsTypes

Thank you very much, now it works! i didn't add the "AdvGraphicsTypes" unit. I wasn't aware of that, maybe i miss something on the documentation.