I think you miss the BackSpace in the "TAdvTouchKeyboard.ItemKeyDown" ...
I've Version but there is no remark for this issue in the Update-Text.
skBackSpace: Key := VK_Back;
in line 1358 in the AdvTouchKeyboard.pas
work fine for me.
If you look this codeline you will surely agree! :-)
Maybee It's already corrected and you miss the remark in the
Update-Text, but if you do so, ignore this Topic, or maybe add this issue
simply for the next Update-Text, so I can find this! :-)

Greetings from Germany
 Gabriele Hillebrandt

Thanks for reporting. We can confirm this will be fixed in the next update.


I try to use TAdvTouchKeyboard in Tablet Application. Numeric keyboard would be good to input numeric values, but it is required to add at least Backspace Key. 
I think NumLock key is not necessary here and it can be easily replaced by Backspace Key:
procedure BuildNumericKeyboard, line 1030:

  AddKey('Num Lock', '', '', VK_NUMLOCK, -1, -1, -1, Size, Size, CurrentX, CurrentY, skNum, $A0A0A0);

should be probably replaced by:

  AddKey('Back', '','', VK_BACK, -1, -1, -1, Size, Size, CurrentX, CurrentY, skBackSpace, $A0A0A0);

Better solution would be adding:  key "C" (remove all text) and Delete (VK_DELETE), but even Backspace key would make Numeric keyboard usable.

Greetings from Poland
Andrzej Miechowicz

Thanks for this feedback.
You're correct. Backspace makes more sense than Numlock. We'll modify this accordingly for the default. If further customizations are needed, this can always be done by modifying the Keys collection at design-time.


I think you miss the some more Keys in the "TAdvTouchKeyboard.ItemKeyDown" ...
Today I add "skSubstract: Key := VK_SUBTRACT;" at line 1355 manually.
I just need skSubstract but it makes more sense to add all missing keys.
Simply look for "TSpecialKey" at line 87 and compare.

Greetings from Germany
 Gabriele Hillebrand

This depends on the type of use. The numeric keyboard we provided was more with the intention to create passcode entry on touch screens where things like a subtract key are not wanted.
We'll consider to make an extra calculator keyboard where the add/subtract/divide/multiply keys are also available.


sorry, I don't understand. Can you explain this more detailed, please?
In my opinion, if a programmer take the decision to set the setting of a
key to "skSubstract", the key should behave like a substract-key!
If I don't want an substract-key I simply don't add one!
Notice, that I don't ask to add the substract-key to any standard-key-layout.

Greetings from Germany
 Gabriele Hillebrand

Sorry, I was confused by your question.

I now understood the point and have applied the improvements for subtract/divide/multiply/add. Next update will have these improvements.