TAdvToolBarPager MessageDlg Expand / Collaps


I have strange behavior on some windows, not all. I will try explain:
At the click of a button in a TAdvToolBarPager menu I do only a "MessageDlg", no problem when the AdvToolBarPager isi n Expand mode.

But in Collaps mode, it doesn't stop at the MessageDlg instruction and it lose the focus of the window. In debug mode, it doesn't stop on MessageDlg line.

Have you ever seen this kind of behavior?

Thanks for your help

I tested this here by modifying the Office2010 demo and adding a button with a MessageDlg() call to it but I cannot reproduce a problem.

Thanks for your prompt response, indeed we only have this bug in 2 forms, the other work fine !
There must be something else interfering, but I don't have what at the moment.

Hoping you can isolate it and share details how to reproduce.

Indeed, I haven't taken the time to explore the specifics of these windows yet. I keep you informed

Thank you