TAdvToolbar grip width

On a Surface Pro 3 Windows 10 with the display set to 150% (this is the default out-of-the-box setting for size of text apps and other items), the grip is way too small and cannot be grabbed using the touch screen.  Is there any way to change the width of the grip?

Also when on a TAdvDockPanel, is there anyway to auto position the TAdvToolbars so they wrap instead of collapsing when the app window is resized?


Note: Also incorporating the TAdvToolbarOfficeStyler with the DragGripStyle set to dsDots and Style set to bsOffice2010Silver.

There is currently not a width setting for the grip. WIth which Delphi version are you using this? Is this Delphi 10 with high-DPI enabled?
About wrapping toolbars on a dockpanel, there is currently unfortunately no automatic wrapping built-in.

Using Delphi 2007, but we are migrating to XE Seattle over the next few months.  I'll try adding the dpiaware setting to the manifest to see if that helps.  I did notice that if I turned on captions to for the toolbars, I was able to drag them around easier, but a customer might not know to do that.

Looks like a couple of years ago (based on the manifest timestamp), the DpiAware entry was actually in place for some reason I can't recall (probably for testing and just never removed).  I removed it and now the toolbar renders much better on the Surface Pro 3 at 150%.  The grip is still rather small but larger than before, however it is still hard to grab with a finger.

We'll consider to add a property to control the width or a grip style that is wider in a future update.

Was the ability to set the grip to be wider ever added? I don't see one yet (with a bazillion options it can be hard to find sometimes), but here is my problem these days, 5 years after the original post.

I have a situation where a person uses a tablet but docked with a monitor/mouse attached and they set the toolbar a certain way. They undock the monitor to use as a tablet again and now almost all the toolbars have collapsed due to smaller real estate for the toolbar and they now want to move the toolbars into multiple rows but it is very hard to grab the grip with their fat fingers to be able to move it easily.

I've added code to save and load various toolbar "layouts" on demand, but sometimes that is not as convenient as it sounds when moving a toolbar is only needed temporarily.

Likewise, and width setting for the right side options dropdown used to access the now hidden toolbar buttons due to the toolbar being collapsed.

In summary, I would like to be able to set the width of both the grip and the options drop down on the fly as the user sees fit for their environment. Possible?

Using Delphi 10.4.1

At this moment there is not a setting for this.
I cannot remember there were other requests for it.
I propose to add these requests via: