TAdvStringGrid OnClick not fired when navigating the grid

After an update (I went from a fairly old version) of TAdvStringGrid I have noticed that the OnClick event is no longer fired when you move around the grid using either the keyboard or when setting the Row or Col properties.

This breaks a behaviour that Delphi componentes have always had, correctly or not. Not only grids but also for example listboxs.

I could see in another question (DBGrid) that this has been considered an error, and it is "fixed" now. But for us that have hundreds of instances of TAdvStringGrid among many applications, and have been relied on this behaviour, it is a quite breaking change. Would it be possible to at least have an option to make the component behave in the standard Delphi way?

I checked this with a default TAdvStringGrid on the form and I cannot see an issue.
The behavior is the same as TStringGrid.
See this recording where OnClick is fired for mouse, keyboard & programmatic setting cell

procedure TForm1.AdvStringGrid1Click(Sender: TObject);