TAdvStringGrid: move to selected row

For an TAdvStringGrid with more rows than fit within the current stringgrid height, how can I make it scroll such that the new selected row i becomes visible after using StringGrid.SelectRows(i, 1)?

Ok ok, now I found the TopRow and VisibleRowCount properties. Consider this question as answered...

Well there is also ScrollInView... None of those is mentioned in the documentation. I will never understand how one is supposed to find such properties and methods, except from guessing probable names?!

Thanks for informing. We will revise the doc in this area to ensure ScrollInView is documented.
Fwiw, in general, note that TAdvStringGrid descends from the standard VCL TStringGrid. So, all properties, methods, events available in TStringGrid are also in TAdvStringGrid and not repeated in our doc.

I'm sorry. The TAdvStringgrid is so much more powerful compared to the TStringGrid, that I tend to ignore what it already has :person_shrugging:

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