TAdvStringGrid - import problems

I have a sample.txt file containing some text:


Create new VCL forms application and put TAdvStringGrid (SG1) and TButton (Button1) on it:

void __fastcall TForm1::Button1Click(TObject *Sender)
    int i, j;

    SG1->SaveFixedCells = false;
    SG1->ColCount = 2;
    SG1->RowCount = 2;

    for(i = 1; i <= SG1->ColCount; i++)
        SG1->Cells[0] = UnicodeString(char('A' + i - 1))    + "<P align="center"></P>";
    for(i = 1; i <= SG1->RowCount; i++)
        SG1->Cells[0] = UnicodeString(i)    + "<P align="center"></P>";

    for(i = 1; i <= SG1->ColCount; i++)
        for(j = 1; j <= SG1->RowCount; j++)
            SG1->Cells[j] = SG1->Cells[j] + "<P align="center"></P>";

When platform is 32 bit I get the correct import:

If I switch platform to 64 bit windows and run it then I get the following:

Do you use the latest version of the grid?
I retested this here and I cannot see a problem.
As you 100% sure that for the 2nd case, grid->SaveFixedCells = false?

v7.8.8.1, latest TMS Component Pack (

The same code is used for both platforms. Like I described, it works OK if it is 32 bit platform. Just switching to 64 bit (no code changes at all) and I get the problems in the picture above.

I cannot see the problem here.
What C++ Builder version is this? 
Maybe this is a compiler issue? Do you verify that before calling LoadFromCSV() that grid.SaveFixedCells is effectively set to false , i.e. this property returns false?

This appears to be an XE6 C++ 64bit compiler problem.
In later versions of C++Builder, this works as expected.

So, you have the same issue on XE6, 64 bit, but not on the later versions?

Yes, in XE6 C++ 64bit it is acting up, but then, there are many 64bit compiler issues in XE6.