TAdvStringGrid button accelerator keys

With the latest version of TAdvStringGrid, it seems that setting a button text with the ampersand (&) no longer shows the joined letter as underlined, but leaves the ampersand as-is.  We have code to handle the hotkey press, but still want to show it visually.  This used to work OK.

For example, 
adding a button via AddButton
   SG.AddButton(2, 2, 75, 25, '&View', haCenter, vaCenter);
or changing text via SetuttonText
   SG.SetButtonText(2, 2, '&View');

Would previously result in View being shown with the "V" underlined.

Now we get the &View as plain text with the ampersand showing.

Has something changed that requires a different method?  Or is this a bug?

As the grid doesn't handle the hotkey automatically, we changed it to not display it as hotkey. This was reported as bug by some users and thus, we changed it. 

If you need this behavior, only thing we can do is add a property to optionally enable it. We'll consider this.

Maybe make it a THTMLButton instead to give as much control as possible?